Pay-it-forward pizza shop offers hot meals to underprivileged community members

"If you come in and you need something to eat, you'll leave full."


A pizza shop in New Albany, Indiana, is offering hot meals to underprivileged members of its community for a price they can easily afford.

The shop, called 8th Street Pizza, is run by a nonprofit organization called Clean Socks Hope, which seeks to help people in underserved neighborhoods by offering them a source of food, shelter and other charity services.

Customers who can't afford a meal have the option of paying for it by helping out with chores around the restaurant. Those who can afford it can pay just the price of a meal, or they can "pay it forward," by paying for someone else's meal in addition to theirs.

Volunteers make all of the pizzas and, although the store is only open three days a week, it gets between 200 and 250 pizza orders per month.

Watch the video above to learn more about the pay-it-forward pizza shop.