JetBlue passenger diagnosed with coronavirus after flying from New York to Palm Beach

"We will continue to coordinate closely with health officials," JetBlue said.


Palm Beach County Fire Rescue says a passenger on a JetBlue flight to Palm Beach International Airport has been positively diagnosed with the coronavirus.

The plane landed around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday night from John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.

Fire rescue officials say the Palm Beach County Health Department spoke to all passengers on board. They say passengers who were near the patient were given instructions on monitoring their health.

According to fire rescue officials, crews at the airport are sterilizing the containment area where passengers deplaned. That area is separate from the main airport terminal.

According to officials at the airport, first responders called the Florida Department of Health to help investigate.

The aircrew and 114 passengers were stuck on the plane for hours.

Just before 11 p.m., the two people in masks and gloves walked off the plane.

About 30 minutes later, other passengers were allowed off.

Within an hour, all passengers had deplaned.

The passengers said they were told to monitor their health over the next couple of days. They were allowed to leave the airport without seeing a doctor.

On Thursday, JetBlue released a statement in response to the issue, saying: "The health and safety of our customers and crew members is our top priority. We're asking customers who do not feel well or are concerned they may have coronavirus to not fly until cleared to travel by a doctor or health professional. JetBlue is currently waiving change and cancellation fees to allow customers the opportunity to change or pause their travel plans should they need to.

"In last night's case, our crew members did an incredible job coordinating with health authorities. After health officials allowed customers to disembark, we conducted a thorough sanitizing of the aircraft according to CDC guidance. We have also sanitized common areas in both airport terminals involved. We will continue to coordinate closely with health officials and provide them any additional information required."