Want to talk to your kids about race? Here's how to facilitate thoughtful conversations.

If you're not sure how to start these conversations in your own home, this may help.


Earlier this summer, protests erupted around the country following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and many other Black Americans. In the wake of this movement, parents might be thinking how this news might be affecting their children.

For some, race might be a completely foreign topic in the household, though for many Black families, it's not new.


"Since the beginning, since we were brought here, we’ve had to teach our children how to be safe and it’s so, so exhausting," says Enrica Sow, a Cincinnati mother of two.

This video showcases how six different American families, from different backgrounds, are tackling these big conversations in their own homes.

"It is all of our job to ensure that we are creating inclusive spaces and promoting diversity. Simply not seeing color is not enough," Marques Crosby, a father of three, offers up to other parents who might not know where to start.

Kids are curious. Chances are, they're curious about what they're seeing in the news, hearing from their friends, or watching online. For tools on how to foster that curiosity, educate your family on race and lead thoughtful conversations, click here.

Let us know how your conversations are going by uploading your photos and videos here.