Pampering with a side of empowerment: Kids spa aims to uplift young girls

Behind all the pink, sparkles and glam is a bigger message.


Having a good sense of self-esteem can work wonders for anyone. But it's especially important for impressionable young girls. That's what motivated Tina Hill to open up the Madison & Co Spa in Omaha, Nebraska

From manicures and pedicures to facials and hairstyling, the spa is all about making young girls feel special.

"I just want to be a safe place for little girls of all ages," Hill said.

"They put cucumbers on our eyes and... put on face masks and they put glitter on our face and do makeup, kind of," said 9-year-old Layla Mason.

One of Cindi Bloomer's daughters is a regular client at the spa. The other daughter works there.

"My daughter doesn't really like to go anywhere and for her to feel welcomed when she walks in or to ask to even come here or want to be here, it just lets me know the environment is good, she loves what's going on," Bloomer said.

But behind all the pink, sparkles and glam is a bigger message: "Outside appearances has everything to do with your inner work, so when you start from inward, it'll reflect outward for sure," Hill said.

It's a message needed in a society that often tells young girls they just aren't enough.

"We have our girls trying to live up to expectations that are unrealistic," Hill said.

Hill strives to teach young girls a variety of important skills from independence, to conversation and etiquette.

The workers are also pretty young themselves. Hill says she teaches important life skills to the teen interns she hires.

"I can certainly do these services on my own. But I don't necessarily feel like I'd connect with the girls as much as a teen would. They're trendy, they know what's in," Hill said.

She teaches the girls "how told hold yourself, how to conduct yourself, hold interviews. I do mock interviews."

The mother and now business owner said she didn't have the smoothest of teenage years.

"I was a teen mom, I had my first child at just 15 years old," Hill said.

Now, she strives to uplift a new generation of young women through ambition, conversation, and of course, a little sparkle too.

"I vow to be that person for every little girl going forward, the person that I wanted when I was a little girl," Hill said.

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