'One of the strangest things I ever received': Man gets two mystery hands in the mail

It looks as though the delivery is the result of a prank, but no one has fessed up.


Sean O'Farrell was confused when he got a realistic-looking plastic hand in the mail.

And then, he received a second one.

"It just struck me as one of the strangest things I ever received," the Florida man said.

Because there was no note with the packages, O'Farrell started following the clues to figure out what the hands are meant for. Each was numbered to show its place in a limited edition collection.

After some searching on the internet, O'Farrell discovered he didn't just have two random right hands. Each is actually a replica of Joe Jonas's right hand.

The Jonas brother's partnership with Expedia resulted in a marketing campaign in which hundreds of 3D printed replicas of his right hand were mailed out, but only to fans who applied.

It looks as though someone pranked O'Farrell by sending him the hands, but no one has fessed up. He's tried to give them to his daughter and daughter-in-law, who are both Jonas Brothers fans, but got turned down.

Some of the Joe Jonas hands are selling online for $150 to $300, but O'Farrell said he's hoping to give his away to a fan.

Until then, he found a practical use for them.

"You could absolutely use it as a back scratcher," he said.