'One church, one mission'

North Carolina churches unite, provide essentials to their community


These North Carolina churches teamed up to support their community in a big way.


“We're a predominantly Black church. Center Grove is a predominantly white church. We're coming together as one church, one mission,” said Bishop Barry Washington of the Whole Man Ministries of North Carolina.

“We should have been doing this a long time ago and it's time to start," said Head Pastor of Center Grove Church Steve Corts.

Cars lined up over a mile to receive donations of groceries, clothes, school supplies and masks.

“I want people to see a part of their community that cares. That even though it's not something you see a lot in the media, that you can see it in your neighbor. Love is a lot closer than you think it is,” said volunteer Rodney Williams.

Together, these congregations hope to be an example of how unity can make a difference.

“When we can cross those color lines and say look I want [to] link up with you, I want to take your hand, what can we do to make this city better? And when we make this city better, one city at a time. We make the whole United States better," said Pastor Camilla Washington, Whole Man Ministries of North Carolina.