911 dispatcher answers call from friend giving birth in her living room

“I was able to hear baby's first cry, and then I was able to hear 'its' a girl' and I wasn't expecting to know that until she was home from the hospital,” Jenny the dispatcher said about hearing her friend give birth through the 911 call.


Jenna Eggebraaten had just gone into labor with her fourth child — by now, she was used to it.

"It's taken like six hours, so I was like 'Oh, we've got time, my dad's on his way up,' and nope," Eggebraaten said. "I went to the bathroom and couldn't help it, started to push."

Eventually her husband, David Bellinger, called 911.

In another part of town, it was a normal day for 911 dispatcher Jenny Peoples until she got a call from a very panicked voice she recognized: Her best friend’s husband. Peoples said when she got the details of the phone call, she recognized the situation immediately.

"She goes 'Dave?' I go, 'yeah' and she goes 'it's Jenny,'" Bellinger said, "and I could tell a little bit of urgency in her voice too."

Watch more about this dramatic birth story in the featured video above!

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