Remembering the Oklahoma City bombing 26 years later

168 people lost their lives on April 19, 1995.


On April 19, 1995, 168 people — 19 of them children — were killed in the Oklahoma City bombing, the deadliest domestic terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Hundreds more were injured, and even decades after the awful tragedy, survivors and first responders still feel the pain and terror of that day.

Chris Lee, a veteran photojournalist at KOCO in Oklahoma City, was one of the first on the scene in the rubble of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. He covered both the bombing and Timothy McVeigh's trial in Denver. Lee sat with us last year on the 25th anniversary of the attack to reflect on the day, and how Oklahomans have come together year after year to support one another in the wake of the tragedy.

Watch the video above for the whole story, first aired in April, 2020.

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