Office goes on a dumpster dive after coworker's wedding ring goes missing

Would you jump into a dumpster to look for a coworker's lost wedding ring? That's exactly what these colleagues did.


Trina Burns never thought she'd see her wedding ring again.

Last week, she realized the ring she's been wearing for more than 30 years wasn't on her finger when she left work in North Dakota.

"I panicked, yeah, I started tearing everything apart, I went through the car, my purse," Burns told KFYR.

With no luck, Burns asked a coworker to keep an eye out for the ring.

"You could hear how upset she was that she had lost her ring and she couldn't find it," Burns' coworker Alyssa Hanson told the TV station.

Unbeknownst to her, Burns' coworkers started digging through the dumpster outside their office while she worked from home.

"I needed gloves of course," said coworker Titus Gietzen, who eventually climbed into the dumpster. "I wasn't just going to go in there without them."

Although Burns' coworkers didn't have any luck in the dumpster, someone found her ring in a parking lot the next day.

Burns said she has no idea how the ring ended up there, in the space next to where she had parked the previous day. But she's thankful for how far her coworkers were willing to go to get it back to her and for the stranger who eventually found the ring.