Nursing students volunteer to administer COVID-19 vaccines

A young nursing student inspired by her mother's work in health care talks about her own volunteer efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Though they were still students when the pandemic began, that didn’t stop hundreds of future nurses from making a difference.

When Delainey Dietz began nursing school at the University of Central Florida, she had no idea a global pandemic would soon disrupt the U.S. health care system.

Delainey was inspired to enroll by her mother, a nurse herself. She explained, "Seeing the connections that she made with her patients, and that really inspired me."

She was still a student when COVID-19 hit, but she still jumped at the chance to help, though she admits it was "definitely scary when it first started."

Delainey became one of hundreds of nursing students giving out the vaccine across central Florida, revealing that some people have even asked to be recorded while getting their shots.

"There's a lot of people who've been waiting a long time for this vaccine and have been very careful and very afraid to leave their houses," she noted.

They were observed by their instructors during their shifts, and their teachers were keenly aware that this was a make-or-break time for their students.

"They're in a pivotal point, where they really had a decision to make. Because when they started nursing school, this was not the reality," said clinical coordinator Kate Dorminy.

But Delainey said the experience has only strengthened her desire to be a nurse, saying, "I think, if anything, it's made a lot of us even more motivated to be nurses and to really make an impact in the health care field."

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