'My dad didn't think it was real': 7-year-old boy finds rare six-leaf clover

The Barnes' backyard seems to be magical, growing many four, five and even six-leaf clovers!


Wallace Barnes, 7, is a lot like any other kid. He loves playing outside with his friends. He said he likes to ride his scooter or bike and jump on his trampoline in his Winston-Salem, North Carolina, backyard.

But he recently picked up a new hobby from his grandfather: hunting for four-leaf clovers.

"Grandpa is the one who taught me about four-leaf clovers," he said. "I started to get interested in them and we look for them together."

Maybe it's beginners luck, but Wallace and his grandfather found several four and five-leaf clovers in his backyard. And then, they spotted the rarest find of them all: a six-leaf clover.

"I was really happy, but my dad didn't think it was real," he said.

Confirmed by plant biologist Gloria Muday at Wake Forest University, Wallace was very excited to know his clover was even rarer than he thought. The odds of finding a four-leaf clover are about 1 in 10,000, so finding one with six leaves is far more unlikely. The 7-year-old compared it to winning the lottery.

Right now, the special plant is sitting in the middle of a thick book at his home.

If you turn a few more pages, you'll find even more four and five-leaf clovers he and his grandpa have found. He's drying them out, but said he's not entirely sure what he'll do with them.

Wallace's mom, Emily Barnes, said she has no clue why these clovers are sprouting so many extra leaves, but it's definitely delaying her plans with a lawn mower.

She said she loves the joy the discovery is bringing her family, and hopes it can bring a smile to people's faces during these challenging times.

Of course, a four-leaf clover is mostly known for meaning good luck, so Barnes said she hopes this bring even more luck, good fortune and hope to the community.