Nonprofit hopes to start conversation about homelessness by painting plates

A nonprofit in Alabama is using plates to give the homeless the resources they need to get off the street.


Paul Franklin and Deshunn Wilkerson are using plates to start a conversation about homelessness.

"Every year around Thanksgiving we have this National Homeless Awareness Week, and that’s on a national level," Wilkerson said. "And we choose some type of event to bring awareness to homelessness. This year, we chose to do Paint Your Plate."

Paint Your Plate is part of a bigger event to raise money for the nonprofit One Roof, which works with 46 partner organizations to help the homeless in central Alabama.

Wilkerson said many who are homeless are dealing with untreated mental illnesses, substance abuse, lack of affordable housing and unemployment. They hope events like this can help give the homeless the resources they need to get off the street.

"There's not just one thing that could lead to homelessness, and once you're in it, it's really hard to get out," Wilkerson said.

Want to help the homeless in your area? If you want to try this fundraiser, you’ll need:

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