Officers buy man experiencing homelessness socks instead of arresting him for shoplifting

The officers were dispatched to a shoplifting report, where they found a man who was in desperate need of socks.


Two police officers from outside New York City went above and beyond to serve a member of their community in need.

Officers Christopher Cartwright and Jason Velez were called to a Dollar Tree Store in Mount Vernon, New York, for a shoplifting report, WABC-TV reported.

What they found was a homeless man who was badly in need of essential supplies.

Instead of arresting him, Cartwright bought him several pairs of socks from his own pocket.

"I didn't see arresting that man for him trying to provide clothing for himself was going to do him any good," Cartwright told News 12 Westchester.

Velez also advised the man that he can always get assistance at police headquarters.

"He was very grateful, he thanked us multiple times," Velez told the TV station. "I think he was just speechless at that point. That's all he could say."

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