Once upon a po'boy: Dueling restaurant owners engaged to be married

The two love birds met at a USA Today Po'boy competition five years ago.


It's a love story that could only happen in New Orleans, Louisiana.

"She kinda hunted me down," said Justin Kennedy.

"I did, I did hunt him down a little bit," said Becca Murphree. "I came, I got a po'boy and he asked me out."

The two love birds met at a USA Today Po'boy competition five years ago.
Kennedy competed for Parkway Bakery and Tavern in New Orleans, and Murphree competed for Olde Tyme Cafe in Lafayette.

While it wasn't immediately "love at first bite," a few years later, the two reconnected and ever since, Kennedy and Murphree have been together like mayo on french bread.

"I'm just like a working stiff and get blindsided on what's in front of me, but somehow she woke me up and I asked her out and it's the best thing that ever happened," said Kennedy.

Kennedy and Murphree plan on marrying not just their families, but their businesses.

"The beauty of that is, we understand the restaurant biz is demanding and being in two different towns," said Kennedy. "Lafayette is two hours away — right now we are just gonna split our time."

There are some things that will stay the same, though.

"She'll have to change the shirt if she comes through here," said Kennedy. "Change your shirt!" said Murphree.

While there is a lot of sizzle between them, the couple also recognizes the need for meeting in the middle sometimes.

"They do plenty of things better than us — and I think sometimes we do things they can learn from," said Kennedy.

"We love what we do," said Murphree.

The two will get married in a few weeks, but both said there won't be any po'boys at the wedding reception, except for the groom's cake design.