'We had a good time': Neighbors perform first 'Corona Choir' concert

The choir's organizer just moved to the neighborhood in January and was inspired to see how many people joined her virtually or by singing on their porches.


On Sunday, some neighbors in Pennsylvania took part in the first “Corona Choir” concert.

On blocks of houses in the Pittsburgh suburb of Dormont, neighbors sang songs from the musical “Les Miserables” and “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” by Mister Rogers. Dormont will celebrate its inception at the end of the month, so neighbors also sang “Happy Birthday.”

“Corona Choir” creator Amy Kline had her neighbors meet online using a video-conferencing application called Zoom. Nearly 120 people were logged in, but Kline said the number of participants could have even been more.

“There are close to 500 people now that are members of the ‘Corona Choir’ Facebook group for Dormont,” she said.

The idea stemmed from viral videos of people in Italy who were singing from their balconies. The country is on lockdown due to the coronavirus.

In Dormont, like the rest of Pennsylvania, people have been asked to “stay home and stay safe.” Kline said she asked her neighbors not to gather and just sing from their porch.

“We had a good time. We saw some neighbors that we haven’t seen,” said neighbor Beth Bena. “They were 6 feet away from us.”

Kline said she just moved to her neighborhood in January and was inspired to see how many people joined her tonight.

Bena and her husband, Bernard, said what Kline put together helped to raise their spirits.

“Just being out of the house helps a great deal,” said Bernard Bena. “I hope that everybody who sees this enjoys it.”

It’s unclear if there will be more “Corona Choir” concerts. Click here for the group’s Facebook to stay updated.