Mushroom company grows flavorful fungi in old mill turned greenhouse

Thousands of mushrooms have taken over this renovated old mill, and for a good reason.


A mushroom company in Westbrook, Maine, has converted an old mill into a greenhouse and laboratory where it can grow flavorful fungi.

North Spore Mushroom Company was started by three college friends with a passion for foraging and growing mushrooms. Part of their mission is to investigate new ways to grow and provide delicious mushrooms to restaurant businesses and consumers. They have also developed a way to help consumers grow their own fungi, which they say is "just as easy as lettuce or tomatoes."

In addition to growing mushrooms for food, the company also produces mushroom-based health products. Its owners hope to expand the business with the goal of making it a central hub for like-minded mushroom lovers to get high-quality products.

Watch the video above to learn more about how the North Spore Mushroom Company's innovative growing and development techniques are earning recognition in the mushroom industry.