Mother reunited with teddy bear that holds ashes of her baby boy

The ashes are those of her son, who was born with severe kidney problems in 2015. He lived for two days.


Vanessa Reid said she is glad to have the ashes of her child back at home again.

"I feel better and I got my baby back," Reid said.

Last month, Reid's 2-year-old daughter accidentally left a teddy bear at a Duffy's in Florida, where they had dinner.

Brandon Cooper, Duffy's assistant general manager, said the stuffed animal was put in the lost and found bin.

"It was brought to our office that evening, and it sat in there for a couple of weeks and we almost discarded it," Cooper said.

Cooper learned that there were ashes inside the bear.

Reid said the ashes are those of her son, Azaiah, who was born with severe kidney problems in 2015.

He lived for two days.

Reid said she wanted to preserve his memory.

"They cremated him, and they put his ashes in, like, a little heart, and they put it inside the teddy bear," Reid said.

Reid said she has been searching high and low for the bear.

Employees at the Duffy's had no idea who owned the stuffed animal.

An employee's wife shared the story on Facebook.

The post quickly went viral and has nearly 4,000 shares.

Reid's sister recently called her after seeing the social media post.

"She was like, 'Hey, is this your teddy bear you have been looking for?' I was like, 'Yes! My God,'" Reid said.

Reid made contact with the woman and visited the Duffy's to pick up the bear.

"I'm just grateful for them, you know?" They didn't have to reach out, and it was nice of them," Reid said.