Facebook hijacking: Victims from across US are sharing their stories

Reports about Facebook accounts being hijacked and victims losing money have generated a lot of responses from people across the country.


A recent investigation from sister station WGAL about Facebook accounts being hijacked and victims losing money has generated a lot of responses from people all around the country.

WGAL's consumer reporter Brian Roche heard from people in Florida, Missouri, California and Chicago who said their accounts have also been hijacked, and they have received no response or help from Facebook.

Last week, WGAL shared Renee Heller's story after she got an email from Facebook telling her that her account information had been changed by someone else.

"My password was changed. My email address was changed. My phone number was changed, which are all the things that you use to recover your account," she said.

Heller is blocked from her main account, as well as the two business pages she manages. She has received no response from Facebook and has lost $600 from her Facebook-connected accounts.

How are accounts being hijacked?

In early April, the information of more than 530 million Facebook users worldwide was posted online for free.

It's believed hackers are now using that information to hijack accounts, but Facebook still hasn't responded to WGAL's questions about this.

Protect your account

To protect your account, you should change your Facebook password.

You can do that by going to the top right of your Facebook page. Click Settings, then Security and Login.

Consider a password generator

Before you change your password, consider using a password generator.

You can find several free generators online that will create complicated passwords, but you will need to store them in a safe place.

To store your passwords, you may want to use a password manager. You can find several online.

Password managers help you generate, store and secure passwords for all the websites you use. You should have a different password for each site.

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