WATCH: Moose rescued after running through neighborhood, swimming through canal

Rescue crews pulled the sedated moose from the water to a waiting pickup truck while it was sound asleep and snoring.


After being seen running through neighborhoods and swimming through the canal, a moose was rescued Thursday afternoon in Massachusetts.

In response to the reports about the large animal, the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs sent the Large Animal Response Team to the area. That team consists of MassWildlife biologists and Massachusetts Environmental Police.

The team used boats provided by the Lowell Fire Department to corner the animal in the water with help from local police.

Eventually, the moose was unable to pull itself out of the canal it was swimming in. Rescuers worried the animal would become overly exhausted while treading water.

"This was about as challenging as it can get," said Mark Wattles, a MassWildlife biologist.

Rescue crews ultimately decided to use a tranquilizer on the 600-lb moose and had to work together to carry it up from the canal to a waiting pickup truck.

All of this was done as the moose was fast asleep, and snoring.

"It went about as well as it possibly could have," Watters said.

Officials planned to bring it to the western part of the state to be released.