'Momtrepreneur' teaches others her pathway to success

'I’m what you call a little risk-taker, I’m not afraid to try'


“I’m what you call a little risk-taker, I’m not afraid to try,” Kim Lewis said.

Kim Lewis is a serial entrepreneur, generating six to seven figures annually. She’s owned everything from a health care business to a trucking company and a demolition company.

"I like to see what I can do that would generate additional income," Lewis said.

But, now she’s getting into what could be her biggest adventure yet — wine.

"I wanted to create an avenue that was different. I wanted to start something that was different, fun, and near and dear to my heart," Lewis said.

With Ole' Orleans Wine, she’ll be opening one of the first urban wineries in New Orleans. Her ultimate goal is to create a legacy for her three children.

"The title that matters most to me is mama. I have to be able to be an example for my children. I can leave as an inheritance to my kids," Lewis said.

Lewis said she hopes her experience will show other moms that they can do it, too. And she even offers coaching to those with entrepreneurial aspirations.

Her advice to future entrepreneurs: "Start that business and don’t wait."