'They're angels that God sent me': Mom thanks dispatcher, officer for helping revive 16-year-old son

A mother, a police officer and a 911 dispatcher all worked together to help revive the woman's teenage son, who was having a medical emergency and stopped breathing.


A Los Angeles-area mother is thankful that two emergency responders helped her revive her 16-year-old son earlier this month.

Alejandra Cisneros told KCAL-TV that she found her teenage son unconscious at her home when she returned home from shopping and called 911.

"I was like, God, please don't take him from me," Cisneros told the TV station. "I was just praying out loud."

Riverside Police Officer Matthew Rhoades just happened to be in the area at the time of the call, so she went to the home to help.

At the same time, a 911 dispatcher was directing Cisneros how to perform CPR on her son. Rhoades did the chest compressions while Cisneros did mouth to mouth. The whole thing was caught on video.

After a few minutes, her son gasped for breath.

"To be honest, I thought mom was the real hero in this whole thing," said Olivia Santos, the 911 dispatcher who helped Cisneros over the phone. "She was just focused. She wanted her son to stay alive, and she followed instructions very well."

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