'We're known as the One Take Wonders': Two grandmothers become unlikely social media stars

The 90-year-old and 83-year-old women have entertained people around the world through the video sharing app TikTok.


Two grandmothers from Mississippi have become social media stars during this time of quarantine.

It’s thanks to TikTok, a video sharing platform that used to be primarily for GenZers and Millennials, but is now surging with new members of all ages who are craving a creative outlet while they are cooped up.

“We’re known as the One Take Wonders,’” said Shirley Mozingo.


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Mozingo and her sister, Lucille Barazza, didn’t know what TikTok was two months ago, but now they are stars. It all started when 90-year-old Barazza, of Jackson, went to stay at home with 83-year-old Monzingo in Hattiesburg.

Monzingo’s daughter started recording TikToks of them for a social media challenge at the school where she works, and they took off.

“We just could not believe it,” Barazza said. “It was just unreal. Who are these people? Where are they coming from? But they keep coming in from all over the world, so, what can I say?”

They have well over 1 million likes.


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“No one is too old to use TikTok,” said Michael Beckerman, vice president and head of U.S. public policy for TikTok. “We have very popular users in their 80s and 90s who are using it with their family members, which is terrific.”

Beckerman said the number of users on the platform is soaring. It was downloaded 11 million times in March alone, which was double December’s rate, he said. At the same time, Beckerman said the app has been evolving and rolling out new security features.

“We’ve created a new feature called Family Pairing, where a parent can pair their app with their teenager’s app so the parent can better control screen time, DMs and other setting in the app,” Beckerman said.

Katharine Penton’s three daughters love watching videos on TikTok.

“I was a little nervous about it at first,” Penton said.

They even make their own, but to protect their privacy, Penton controls the account. They don’t post them publicly.

“It has been fun to watch them have a playtime and walk into a room and big sister is teaching little sister a dance,” Penton said.

It’s a way for sisters to bond – at any age. Monzingo and Barazza said they’re really enjoyed quarantine life and maybe their videos helped a few hundred thousand other people enjoy it a little more, too.