Missing injured dog sparks viral search before turning up days later

A dog injured by a car survived for days outside in freezing conditions before coming to his own rescue.


A rescue dog in Baltimore miraculously survived for days outside in freezing conditions.

Even before this, Jack, the rescue dog, had been through a lot. He’s thought to have been a bait dog for dog fights before he was adopted from a kill shelter.

But the Lab-pit bull mix began to thrive after Kate Waldeisen took him in during the pandemic.

"He's just a great dog all around. And very trainable, listens well. He's kind of like the best dog I could get," she said.

One day while on a walk, they were struck by a van and got separated. Kate was grazed and Jack was injured, but when she tried to catch him, he took off.

"He's kind of wandering while whining, like really bad whines. Like, ‘I'm hurt.’ And I yell for his name and he stops and then runs," Kate said. "I’m screaming his name now, and he’s running even faster."

With no clue where Jack went, Kate shared a social media post asking for people to keep an eye out for him. The post was shared more than 8,000 times.

And it worked. There were multiple Jack sightings in the area. Soon a local rescue group got involved, telling Kate that search parties could do more harm than good.

Five long days after Jack took off, Kate received a call that he’d made his way to a local police station.

They think he made a bed of leaves in the woods as a way to stay warm in the snow.

Aside from some road rash caused by the accident and an infection in his paw, Jack was in good shape and, in the end, came to his own rescue.

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