Milwaukee mural honors activists fighting against police brutality

'These are all the young people fighting for justice and our freedom'


A mural honoring eight local activists was painted on this wall in Milwaukee.

They are Vaun Mayes, Markasa Tucker, Tommy Franecki, Elle Halo, Jeremiah Thomas, Khalil Coleman, Samuel Alford and Frank Nitty.

"These are all the young people fighting for justice and our freedom," said Andre Lee Ellis as he admired the artwork.

The activists are proud to be acknowledged for the work they’re doing in their community.

"Even if they don't recognize somebody, starting that conversation of ‘Who are our leaders of today?’" said activist Vaun Mayes.

"I've been going through a lot these past 32 days internally and externally, I've been trying to keep positive to see someone cared about that to put me on a wall, and others as well, means a lot to me,” said activist Frank Nitty.

Neighbors say it makes them feel inspired.

“When I look at this, it makes me feel good about my skin color, my culture and everything," said Ike Houston.

And know that this mural is so much more than just a painting.

According to Andre Lee Ellis, the painting "brings some more attention to this area and let people know we cannot forget people on the bottom who are fighting to get to the top.”

The mural was the collaboration between multiple artists, and more activists will be added soon.