'A senseless situation': 3 shot dead over parking spot dispute, mom says

A Wisconsin mother says her daughter and two other people were shot dead in a fight over how a car was parked.


A mother says her daughter and two other people were shot dead in a fight over how a car was parked.

The shooting happened at about 9:35 p.m. Thursday at North 8th and West Cherry streets in Milwaukee.

Police said four people suffered gunshot wounds.

The Medical Examiner identified the victims Friday as Tanija Turner, 19, of Milwaukee; Quinton McGee, 36, of Milwaukee; and 30-year-old Terrance Taylor.

A 19-year-old man was in critical condition. He also lived in the neighborhood.

McGee and the other man live a few houses from the shooting scene.

Turner's mother said someone confronted her daughter about the way she parked her car. She lived not far from the shooting scene.

"The whole situation started over something that shouldn't even have never gotten to that extent. All due to a park," Rosemary Turner said. "The young lady in the other vehicle wind up calling another family member. They approached the situation with a gun."

Some of Tanija Turner's family and friends came outside too and after a time, her mother said it escalated further.

"The young man drew his weapon, and my son's friend said, 'What is you on?' And he said, 'What is you on?' And gunfire just got to exchanging," Rosemary Turner said. "I just feel like it was a senseless situation. That shouldn't have never happened."

Taylor was a friend of Turner's family, her mother said.

There was some sort of argument between neighbors, she said. A short time later, the victims were shot in a gun battle. They were found in the apartment building parking lot.

Police have not yet made any arrests in the case. Other neighbors said they heard dozens of shots.

Officers said they recovered three guns at the scene. Investigators have not commented on the reason for the shooting.

Tanija Turner graduated last year from Alliance High School in Milwaukee.

No other details have been released.