Military nurse returns home and surprises son after deployed to COVID-19 front lines

Sandra is a single mom, soldier and nurse


As the world fights COVID-19, U.S. soldiers and nurses are being deployed to some of our most highly infected communities.

Sandra Daoust is one of those nurses.


Daoust is a single mom, soldier and nurse. She is serving in the U.S. Army Reserves 454th medical unit.

In late March, she was deployed to New York City to help fight the COVID-19 crisis, separating her from her son.

After being separated for over a month, Daoust returned home from the front lines and finally reunited with her family.

Daoust says, "My legs are shaking! I am so happy!" as she pulls her her son into a tight embrace.

"Being a single mom, a soldier, and a nurse I am very happy to be home with my son."

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