Record number of women voted into power in midterm elections inspires future generations

This year's midterm elections resulted in substantial victories for women and minorities, and not just on a government level.


As a result of the midterm elections, a record number of women have been voted into positions of power. CNN projected at least 100 women to win House races. And for young women and girls in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in particular, the increased number of minority women in government is nothing short of inspirational.

With the election of Michelle Lujan Grisham as the first Democratic Latina governor in the country, and Deb Haaland as one of the first Native American women to hold a seat in Congress, young women and girls are finding new role models to inspire and represent them.

Watch the video above to see what students are saying about Grisham and Haaland, and how important it is for them to feel represented in government.