WHOA! Metal spike crashes through driver's windshield on Massachusetts interstate

Thankfully, the woman and her dog in the passenger seat were not injured, but both were very close to being seriously hurt.


A woman is thankful that she and her dog are safe after a metal spike came crashing through her windshield while driving on Interstate 93 in Massachusetts.


Dr. Adele Sanclemente, an optometrist, says the terrifying incident happened while she was driving on I-93 south in Boston's Charlestown neighborhood Friday morning. She was heading to her office in Braintree and had her dog in the front passenger seat.

"I'm just driving. I see a truck, maybe three car lengths ahead in the other lane. That's it. I'm focused on getting into the office, so I didn't see anything coming at me," Sanclemente said. "All I heard is 'Crash!' and I see the spike through my windshield."

Sanclemente and her dog were not injured. She says she thankfully did not get immediately startled and swerve, which she fears could have caused a crash.

The car was towed to Sanclemente's office and it will remain there until her insurance company can get the damage repaired.