Message of love: Farm honors baby who survived open-heart surgery

"This is the year for Ruth, I mean, we’re so blessed to have her with us this year."


An Ohio family honored an infant who underwent open-heart surgery by creating a message of love with a corn maze.

Just months ago, Karen Burwinkel didn't know if her newborn baby Ruth was going to make it.

She was born with a critical congenital heart defect, leaving her with little oxygen and a desperate fight to survive.

At just 1 month old, she had open-heart surgery. The recovery period was long and uncertain.

"They didn’t know if there would be brain damage. They didn’t know if there would be any long term defects," Burwinkel said.

But the tiny warrior made a comeback, and it’s being celebrated at Burwinkel Farms for everyone to see.

"I was honored and so glad they chose Ruth as the center of attention for the fall festivities here," Burwinkel said.

"Baby Ruth, Heart Warrior" is the theme for a giant corn maze. The design goes on for acres.

Bobby Burwinkel said the decision to make it was a no brainer and it took him only an hour to create.

"I mean, this is the year for Ruth. I mean, we’re so blessed to have her with us this year," Bobby Burwinkel said.

It's a blessing so many are thankful for.

"With the support of our family and friends and the community, we wouldn’t have been able to do it without them and they gave her the strength she needed to get through and also our family," Karen Burwinkel said.