Memes on a mission: Woman's humor about downed cable wire leads to fix

Instead of getting mad about a downed cable wire that was in her backyard for weeks, she started sharing memes to make fun of the situation.


For weeks, Tamra Spink tried to get her cable company to address a downed wire in her Virginia backyard.

With no success, Spink didn't get mad. Instead, she started making fun of the situation on social media. As her memes were shared, they got the attention of local media and now, the problem has been resolved.

Spink told WJLA that a storm in late March knocked down her Comcast cable, which she estimated was more than 100 feet.

Weeks went by without a fix. Plus, Spink said Comcast insisted the wire was buried.

"That was not the case," she told the TV station. "I would send them pictures. It was a little bit insane."

Eventually, Spink turned to humor in a frustrating situation. She started sharing memes using photos of the downed wire.

One meme showed Tony Hawk "shredding" on the wire, while another had Johnny Cash "walking the line."

And of course, there was a Bernie Sanders meme.

"It was Bernie, made it with his mittens in the chair," Spink said. "He was very concerned about the infrastructure."

WJLA reached out to Comcast about Spink's situation and, a few hours later, had crewss at her home repairing the wire.

Comcast also issued a statement apologizing for the situation.

Spink is glad the problem was fixed and shared a meme celebrating the "miracle" with tribute to the 1980 U.S. Gold Medal hockey team.

"My goal was to just stay true to who I want to be," Spink said. "And I think the memes were a way to do that."