Medical miracles: Remarkable stories of survival and perseverance

Modern medicine can work wonders, but sometimes, even when it seems impossible, something truly remarkable will take place.


Modern medicine can work wonders. But sometimes, even when it seems impossible, something truly remarkable will take place.

From conjoined twins successfully separated at the head to a couple who both needed heart transplants, these stories follow people who defied the odds and experienced medical miracles.

First, after struggling with fertility for years, a couple learned they were expecting not one, not two, but four babies!.

Maria and Joseph Sawaged's quadruplets were born healthy. Luca, Barrett, Tychus and Julianna got to go home after a number of weeks in the neonatal ICU.

In another story, COVID-19 left a firefighter on life support for a month. Then, a transplant gave him a second chance at life.

Randy Blake was put on extracorporeal life support for more than a month. The ordeal also left his lungs so badly damaged, he had a double lung replacement four months after entering the hospital.

"I will spend the rest of my life trying to honor what you've done and what God has done," Blake said.

Plus, follow a surgeon who spent months figuring out how to 3D print new bones for a patient, a woman who survived a series of heart attacks at age 29, as well as a young man who survived cancer and a stroke, all before his 18th birthday.

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