Man travels from state to state offering free lawn mowing service to those in need

In more than 40 states, kids are going out and taking on the lawn mowing challenge.


A man inspired by others' random acts of kindness is in Florida mowing yards for free.

He's helping those who need assistance.

Rodney Smith Jr. thought he'd be a computer programmer until he realized, while at college, that he hated it.

Then, he saw an older man struggling to cut his grass.

"I pulled over and helped him out, and that night, I decided that I'd just start mowing free lawns," Smith said.

His volunteer venture, fueled by huge support on the internet, has him running a donation-supported lawn service, catering to the disabled, veterans, single mothers and senior citizens.

Smith started in his home state of Alabama, but now he is on the road and said he has traveled to all 50 states four times.

That's what he said -- all 50 states four times. Smith had to fly to Alaska and Hawaii and either borrow mowers or rent them.

Children inspired by him are cutting grass for free, as well.

Smith goes online and tells people what part of the country he's in, and then, he said, they reach out to him.

"They either reach out to me, or their family or loved one does, and saying, 'My mother lives here,' or 'My father who's a veteran lives here. Can you go mow his lawn?'" Smith said.

"I'm super excited, that I'm able to be part of this legacy as well," said Nakia Taylor.

Taylor and her friend heard Smith was going to be in the area and reached out to him.

"He's a great mentor for others, as well. The young men in the community can look up to him," Taylor said.

Through his social media, Smith has inspired kids in other states, as well. In more than 40 states, in fact, kids are going out and taking on the lawn mowing challenge.

Smith gives T-shirts to his volunteers. For every 10 lawns they cut for free, they get a different color T-shirt. When they hit 50, he awards the shirt in person and upgrades their lawn equipment.