Man hopes homemade T-shirt will help him find kidney donor

IT ONLY TAKES A MOMENT TO SHARE! The number to reach Ed Brachman is 561-613-5930.


A Delray Beach man has become a human billboard in an effort to find a live kidney donor.

Ed Brachman, 72, can be seen wearing a custom-made black T-shirt with white writing on the front: "Please Help Me Find A Kidney Donor" and it lists his phone number.

Brachman said he and his partner Sandi Soefer are keeping a positive attitude.

"The longer one waits to get a kidney, other issues might develop, which might prevent me from being a candidate, so one wants to get it ASAP," said Brachman. "Time is of the essence."

Brachman said he got the idea after reading an article about a man who was walking around in Disney World with a similar message on his T-shirt.

"That photo they took on Facebook went viral and he got a kidney, I believe, within three of four weeks," said Brachman.

He said his insurance company will pay all medical expenses for the qualified donor and he is working with the Miami Transplant Institute and Cleveland Clinic Florida.

The number to reach Brachman is 561-613-5930.