Louisville teens use hip hop to speak up about police brutality

'So being a voice is giving voices to other kids that look like us in our community.'


For these kids, the impact of police brutality hits home. They are part of a youth hip-hop group named the Real Young Prodigy’s in Louisville, Kentucky. The city where Breonna Taylor is from.

“It was really overwhelming because there was a lot of stuff about Breonna Taylor and George Floyd and everybody that has been shot and has faced police brutality in the Black community,” says Da'Vonn Pitney of the Real Young Prodigy's.

Nyree Clayton-Taylor started the group six years ago to empower the children of her community.

“I grew up in the West End. I grew up with many of the challenges that many of the students that I teach grew up with and I just want to be a voice for them, not even my voice. I want them to have the voice,” said Nyree Clayton-Taylor.

And now, this group has an even bigger purpose thanks to young songwriter, Da'Vonn Pitney.

"They need something that's like what they're listening to now. So being a voice is giving voices to other kids that look like us in our community and it's giving them an opportunity to listen and learn from people like them,” said Da'Vonn Pitney.

The Real Young Prodigy’s performed in a music video for Da’Vonn’s song, with hopes that their message will connect with the other young people and encourage them to use their voice as well.

“A lot of people, they don't watch the news, they listen to music, they do this, they do that. So our music helps them know what’s going on,” said Renee Robinson of the Real Young Prodigy’s.