Woman shares inspiring journey of starting over in life and career after leg amputation

Tina Hurley's leg was amputated because of a rare vascular disease. Following surgery and the end of her marriage, Hurley's life changed drastically. But, ultimately, it drove her to start Less Leg More Heart, a nonprofit dedicated to helping newly disabled people.


For Tina Hurley, walking had become like "dragging cinder blocks."

So she underwent extensive diagnostic testing, eventually leading to a diagnosis of popliteal artery entrapment syndrome (PAES) and the amputation of her leg.

Following another surgery, Hurley came home to find her husband had left with all of his things.

"That was like the moment where the last little bit of carpet that was underneath the one leg I had remaining was just ripped," she explained.

But Hurley came to realize that she needed "community and physicality," adding, "Not everything bad that happens needs to stay bad."

Her journey led her to start the nonprofit Less Leg More Heart, a nonprofit dedicated to helping newly disabled people.

"We are out there living our best lives, adapting and persevering, turning our trials into triumphs and just doing the best we can, just like anybody else on the planet," she said.

Hurley is now in a new relationship and is focused on her next chapter: motherhood. After expanding her family, Hurley intends to return to work as a physician assistant.

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