'He looked like a pretzel': Leo, a lamb born with deformed legs, is defying the odds

When he was rescued, Leo couldn't stand or walk. Now, he's running around!


Leo is a month-old lamb whose leg deformity made it hard to stand or walk.

Now, he's working on it, thanks to a little help from a rescue ranch in Illinois.

Randy Grim, founder of Randy's Rescue Ranch, said Leo was born at a farm along with about 100 other lambs.

"The farmer's wife took pity on him and went through hell and high water to find me," Grim told KMOV. "I saw pictures and he looked like a pretzel."

Grim eventually named the lamb Leo and began bottle feeding him as soon as he reached the farm.

"He's like my child," Grim told the television station. "I got virtually no sleep for 25 days bottle feeding him around the clock. Moms should get an award. It's incredible to be able to function on no sleep."

A farm veterinarian examined Leo and diagnosed him with contracted tendons, a condition that farmers usually can't afford to treat for one animal.

After he started going to physical therapy several days a week, Leo is now able to stand, walk and even run.

"I didn't know if he'd ever walk or stand up," Grim said. "I remember getting so excited watching him stand for the first time. It's been an amazing journey and bonding experience that I didn't think was possible. I love this guy so much and he's come such a long way."

To follow along with Leo's life at the ranch, which Grim calls his "island of misfits," find Randy Grim on TikTok.