Firefighter rescues kitten hanging on overpass

Firefighters stepped in to rescue a kitten from a 35-foot drop.


When she heard about a kitten stranded on top of an overpass in Lathrop, California, a woman rushed over to try to save the animal.

Karla Munguia spotted the cat clinging to the fence, later explaining, "When I got close to it, I had blankets. And then I had a little bottle of water and then food so I can try and lower her down."

But animal control told the good Samaritan to stand down because reinforcements were on the way.

Firefighters soon arrived with a ladder, and one firefighter tried and failed to sweep the kitten into a net. So, he switched to a simpler method: Picking the cat up with his hand.

"And it was kind of intense because, when they were trying to get the cat, the cat kept… scratching the fire guy’s hand," Munguia said.

But it worked, saving the kitten from either an 8-foot fall onto the overpass or a 35-foot plunge onto the railroad tracks below.

For the firefighters, it was all in a day’s work.

Scott Nussbaumer, of the Lathrop Manteca Fire Department, said it's their responsibility to serve the community at all levels.

"So a concerned citizen is, you know, our concern," he said. "Saving cats, going into buildings or whatever you have."

The 2-month-old kitten was named Kyle after the fireman who saved his life.

And Munguia said she was overjoyed that the story had a happy ending.

"At the end of the day, you feel good about what happened and to see somebody’s life being saved, you know? Even a cat, a dog, snake — whatever it is," she said. "It always feels good."

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