Harley-Davidson suspends most manufacturing production amid coronavirus outbreak

Motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson will temporarily suspend the majority of its U.S. production


American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson is suspending most of its U.S. production until March 29 due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company said Wednesday.

“We recognize the unprecedented nature of this global crisis. In order to best support our employees and following the social distancing guidance issued by public health authorities, we are temporarily suspending the majority of production at our U.S. manufacturing facilities,” said Jochen Zeitz, acting CEO and president. “We will continue to monitor the situation and take necessary steps to prioritize employee health and safety.”

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The companies suspending production include Tomahawk Operations and Pilgrim Road Powertrain Operations in Wisconsin and York Vehicle Operations in Pennsylvania.

The company plans to continue watching the virus and making necessary adjustments in accordance with WHO and CDC coronavirus guidelines.