Kentucky 5-year-old opens her own treat shop

Becoming one of the youngest business owners in the country


"I love treats!" said Addison King.

Even at only 5 years old, Addison King is no stranger to the business world.

"We own a couple of restaurants, and she was at the restaurant with us. She saw how everything worked, she could probably run the restaurant," said Selena Johnson, Addison's mother.

One day, Addison's parents were driving when they passed a "For Sale" sign in a shopping plaza.

"I actually told Selena, I want that space, I don't know what to do with the space yet but I want it. And as soon as I said that she overheard that and said, ‘I want my own store,’" said Troy King, Addison's father.

Her parents didn't realize it, but all along, Addison had been watching and learning what it takes to be a boss.

"We had an employee that accidentally stepped on her foot, and she said you're fired. We don't know where that came from because we never said those words," said King.

Addison loves sweets and would always ask her parents for them. So she had an idea to turn dad's new space into a treat shop — Addison's Treat Shop!

"She was very, very particular of different things that she wanted in here," said Johnson.

"She's actively involved and not just a pseudo. I'm adamant about her being involved, making sure that it's her and not just us," said King.

Most of the treats in Addison's Treat Shop are locally sourced and she hopes to make it a place that people from any age range can enjoy.

"We couldn't be more proud of her, especially at 5 years old," said Johnson.

If you would like to support Addison's Treat Shop, click here.