Musician mourned by his family after becoming the target of a suspected serial killer

"We are hurt right now. We're hurting."


A musician from Kansas City, Kansas, is being mourned by his family and friends after being targeted by a suspected serial killer. Damon Irvin, 35, was one of two people suspected to have been killed by Perez Reed last week.

For Irvin’s family, the loss is unspeakable. They say he was a gifted musician, a college graduate and someone who would help anyone. His brother, Dalano Hill, doesn’t want people to forget just how talented he was.

“He brung joy to a lot of people. You don't understand, this is a man who got a scholarship to sing opera in Germany,” Hill said. "We are hurt right now. We're hurting."

Police in Kansas City, Kansas, said Reed is their person of interest in the homicide.

The FBI arrested him on several felonies linked to two other homicides and possibly at least four murders across Missouri.

Police identified him by comparing surveillance video with a prior booking photo.

“Let this be over fast man. Don't drag us through no more bro. You already done took something away from us that was so precious,” Hill said.

Because of the way he was murdered, family says they can't have an open-casket funeral.

“Wish I could have my son back, but I can't. Somebody took his life,” said Irvin’s mother, Bridgette Stevens.

Hill hopes that Reed is indeed the perpetrator, to give the family some form of closure.

“I pray this is the guy. That we get some type of justice before we go back home,” Hills said.

As the families struggle with their loss, residents say they are grateful to police.

For many, their sense of security has been restored.

When interviewed by investigators, Reed admitted to knowing Rau'daja Farrow, who police later found dead, but denies hurting anyone.