'Just like anybody else': Non-profit ice cream shop helping those with disabilities live their dreams


An ice cream shop opened its doors earlier this summer with a sweet mission to help people with disabilities.

The Golden Scoop, located in Overland Park, Kansas, right outside Kansas City, is a nonprofit shop that is trying to change lives one scoop at a time. Its mission is to provide meaningful and gainful employment for people with developmental disabilities.

"We have dreams, we have aspirations," Ian Miller, a worker at The Golden Scoop, said. "People here have the ability to show that they are capable and as valuable of an employee as anyone else."

The shop also puts a heavy emphasis on the experience for customers when they come through the doors. Employees make sure to greet everybody with a smile and always be ready to serve.

"On the first day for The Golden Scoop, we had a line inside and outside," Patrick Chapman, an employee at The Golden Scoop, said.

The nonprofit plans to open five more locations over the next five years. They also want to add retail space eventually as well.

"Here, you have intrinsic worth and value as an employee, but also as a person," Miller said. "It is incredibly important."

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