'Just a Little Love': 11-year-old girl's string art raises money for COVID-19 nurses

Like a lot of people staying at home, Megan Chelliah is using her new free time to catch up on projects.


Like a lot of people staying at home, Megan Chelliah is using her new free time to catch up on projects.

"I've always wanted to stain. I've always wanted to put in flooring," she said.

But unlike most do-it-yourselfers, Megan just finished fifth grade at Stopher Elementary near Louisville, and her project is string art. She first got the idea to try making it from a commercial, and used scraps of wood from around her garage.

With the help of her dad, she assembled the wood background and placed nails to form the outline of a heart, which she filled in with red string. Megan gave that heart to her mom for Mother's Day, and soon after she was sending them to family and friends around the country.

"All of my mom’s co-workers were like, 'Oh, let’s get one, yes,'" Megan said. "They were the first people to actually order one. Then my mom posted on Facebook and it got bigger, and bigger, and bigger."

While the requests started rolling in, Megan had something else on her mind. Her father, Brian Chelliah, knew one of the COVID-19 nurses at the University of Louisville Hospital and Megan was touched by their dedication during the pandemic. She decided to use her string art project as a way to raise money for them to use for self-care and is donating all of the proceeds.

So far, Megan has raised $1,000 through her project, called Just a Little Love. In May, she went to UofL Hospital to deliver the money to the nurses in person.

"It’s wonderful and that’s definitely who she is," Brian said. "She’s really always thinking about others and what she do to help them."

Along with the money, Megan gave the nurses three large red hearts she made.

"I hope when they look at it they know everyone is with them," Megan said. "Everyone is thinking about them. Everyone cares about them. I want them to know that they’re saving lives."

Megan's string art costs between $30 and $75. You can order it here.