'We've all experienced a lot': Two moms start podcast for other mothers during pandemic

Tracy Stine and Tori Shirah have already put together eight episodes.


The pandemic has been hard on just about everybody. For some housewives and mothers, the daily challenges of being a housekeeper, educator and transporter have completely changed what they do.

Two mothers from Johnson County, Kansas, started a podcast with the goal of letting other women know that it has been a rough couple of years, and they are not alone.

"We've all experienced a lot and parenting and moming has changed a lot," said Tracy Stine, of Unlikely Housewives of JoCo podcast.

The two said that it is hard to be a mom and housewife right now. Some of those mommy struggles are probably not getting all the attention they deserve, so they say, "Moms, they get you and they've got your back."

"We want to validate other women and mamas and wives and the way that they're feeling, in the way that they felt during the pandemic," said Tori Shirah, of Unlikely Housewives of JoCo podcast.

The podcast has laughs and sometimes tears.

The women have already put together eight episodes of these podcasts and have more than 1,000 listeners around the world.

"We are not the same people we were two and a half years ago. We're just not," Shirah said.

The "Unlikely Housewives of JoCo" podcast can be found wherever you get your podcasts.