Joe Biden meets community members, Jacob Blake's family in Kenosha visit

Joe Biden visited Wisconsin to meet with members of the Kenosha community after the police shooting of Jacob Blake.


Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was in Wisconsin to meet with members of the Kenosha community after the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Biden and Dr. Jill Biden took a private jet from Delaware to Milwaukee Thursday morning.

They arrived at Mitchell International Airport and met privately with members of Blake's family for about an hour.

Blake joined by phone from his hospital bed, according to his attorney.

"The family was grateful for the meeting and was very impressed that the Bidens were so engaged and willing to really listen," Attorney Ben Crump said in a statement. "Jacob’s mother led them all in prayer for Jacob’s recovery. They talked about changing the disparate treatment of minorities in police interactions, the impact of selecting Kamala Harris as a Black woman as his running mate, and Vice President Biden’s plans for change. Mr. Blake Sr. talked about the need for systemic reform because the excessive use of force by police against minorities has been going on for far too long. Jacob Jr. shared about the pain he is enduring, and the vice president commiserated. The vice president told the family that he believes the best of America is in all of us and that we need to value all our differences as we come together in America’s great melting pot. It was very obvious that Vice President Biden cared, as he extended to Jacob Jr. a sense of humanity, treating him as a person worthy of consideration and prayer."

"He talked about how nothing was going to defeat him how whether he walked again or not he was not going to give up," Biden said of his conversation with Blake. "He talked about how nothing was going to defeat him. How whether he walked again or not he was not going to give up."

He also said Blake was out of the intensive care unit at the hospital.

Blake remains paralyzed from the waist down after a Kenosha police officer shot him seven times in the back in front of three of his children.

"My wife asked to say a prayer and his mom said a prayer," Biden said. "Where she said I'm praying for Jacob. But I'm praying for the policeman as well. I'm praying that things change."

The motorcade left the airport for Kenosha just before 1 p.m.

He met with members of the Kenosha community at Grace Lutheran Church.

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Biden wore a face mask the entire time.

Black Lives Matter activist Portia Bennett, 31, of Kenosha, told Biden how she fears for the lives of her three children.

"The action that we want is to hold these officers accountable to the same crimes that we get held accountable to," she said. "If I was that officer. I would be in the Kenosha County Jail right now."

Biden made a point about not being able to truly put himself in the shoes of a Black parent who has to worry every time their child leaves the house.

"If tomorrow God made me president, I can't guarantee you everything gets solved in four years. But I guarantee you one thing. It'll be a whole heck of a lot better," Biden said.

The gathering ended shortly after 3 p.m.

Several dozen people lined the streets of Kenosha to see Biden.

He also made an unannounced stop at the home of a Wauwatosa teacher to meet parents and discuss reopening schools.

Biden's visit comes two days after President Donald Trump made a visit to Kenosha. The city's mayor asked Trump and Biden to wait until next week to visit. Residents remained divided on Trump's and Biden's visit.