'It's to get them to smile again': Photographer brings joy to couples forced to postpone weddings

The project is called "You Can’t Lock Happiness Down."


A Maine wedding photographer wants couples who have had to delay or cancel their ceremonies during the coronavirus outbreak to find some joy during a stressful time.

"I love couples that are in love, whether that’s elopements, engagement sessions, vow renewals, things like that," photographer Alicia Sastamoine-Rackley said.

Sastamoine-Rackley said 70% of her couples have had to postpone their weddings, but she has created a way for them to mark the milestones of life during the coronavirus outbreak.

"It’s called project You Can’t Lock Happiness Down," Sastamoine-Rackley said.

She started the project with her wedding couples.

"I send this package. They call me and FaceTime, and I want them to put on the most extravagant over-the-top outfit," Sastamoine-Rackley said.

The couples take screenshots and Sastamoine-Rackley takes pictures of the FaceTime session with her camera.

"It’s kind of crappy quality, but that’s not the point. It’s to get them to smile again," Sastamoine-Rackley said.

With so many couples being forced to postpone their weddings, Sastamoine-Rackley decided to offer "You Can’t Lock Happiness Down" to other couples for free.

"They don’t have to book me. Anyone that has had to postpone can reach out to me and we will set it up and make it a fun way to document it and create a smile and not be so stressed," Sastamoine-Rackley said.

She said it is important for couples to focus on their love and not the stress of a postponed wedding.

"That’s why you’re getting married to begin with. If you can focus on that, everything else is fluff," Sastamoine-Rackley said.