'It's really fun to see': Group helps children with mobility issues get cool wheels

A nonprofit is helping children with mobility challenges gain independence.


A nonprofit is providing cool wheels to children with mobility challenges, complete with all the bells and whistles.

The cars light up and play music, but organizers of the effort say they'll help children with mobility challenges interact with others and find a new sense of freedom.

"Our goal isn't just to give them the power to play, which is so meaningful, but the power to learn," said Rebecca Kidwell, president of Learn Science & Math Club, a nonprofit based in Kansas City that makes the vehicles.

"It's really fun to see, especially later on when the parents write to us and they're like, 'I've never seen them this independent, this in charge,'" said Katrina Johnson, a student volunteer.

Kidwell said children with limitations with movement have a fraction of the social opportunities compared to their peers. The cars help to change that dynamic.

"Wheelchairs are kind of intimidating, but when they're in the coolest hot rod on the block, they're really popular," she said.