'It's honestly a surreal feeling': Special adoption ceremony held over Zoom for couple, baby

Parker Lach More was born with serious medical complications that landed him in the NICU.


Since the coronavirus changed the way many things are done, adoption ceremonies have been held on Zoom.

However, the Zoom ceremony for an Orlando couple held on Thursday had an extra special meaning.

Parker Lach More was born four months early with serious medical complications that landed him in the NICU.

He was born to a young mother in Arizona who, at the last moment, decided to place him for adoption.

That is when Chris More and Anthony Lach got the phone call they'd been waiting for.

"The best news in the world when they said, 'Hey, get on a flight to Arizona we have a baby waiting for you,'" More said.

More and Lach, a married couple who work for Disney, had faced many disappointments on the road to adoption.

"There definitely were some closed doors in terms of people not willing to give their child up to a same-sex couple but my thought was we have just as much love and passion to give as anybody," More said.

The couple chose to adopt Parker despite the fact that, at first, his medical future was unclear.

"We had to make a decision whether he would go through the adoption at that point and as soon as we saw him we said yes, no matter what he'll get through it," Lach said.

Fortunately, Parker spent just nine days in the NICU and quickly headed home with his two new dads, perfectly healthy.

On Thursday, an adoption ceremony was held via Zoom, and Parker officially took both of his dad's last names.

"It's honestly a surreal feeling, a feeling that five, six years ago I never thought I would be able to experience as a gay man," More said.

The family says when Parker is a bit older, they hope to adopt a sibling.