'It wasn't my time': Woman told she wouldn't survive coronavirus makes recovery

"I didn't realize how much I was fighting, but I was fighting. And it got better."


After two months on a ventilator because of COVID-19, Keesha Chavous is now grateful to be home with her family.

"They gave me the option of rolling out for me or walking, and I said I'll walk out to let them see how good of a job they did with me," Chavous said.

Chavous said she doesn't remember being hospitalized, put on a ventilator or getting a tracheotomy.

"I'm glad I don't remember because I don't wanna be traumatized like that," Chavous said. "So I'm glad I didn't remember anything that happened."

Meanwhile, doctors prepared her family for the worst.

"On more than one occasion the doctor even told me that she was going to die and I need to prepare myself," Keesha's sister, Tiffany Chavous, said. "More than once he said that. I thought that she was going to be gone and we couldn't even say goodbye. She was going to die alone."

But Keesha eventually got better, and her family believes her story will serve as inspiration for others going through a tough time.

"I didn't realize how much I was fighting, but I was fighting," Chavous said. "And it got better. They was like, ‘You are a miracle. A miracle.’ I was like, 'It was God. It wasn't my time.'"

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