'It was just almost surreal': Video shows bear breaks into cabin, takes candy, chips, beer

Before leaving the cabin the bear grabbed a few sweet treats, including, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, M&M's and Sour Patch Kids.


It was a shocking moment for a couple of friends who were on vacation at a rental cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Michelle Eberhart came to the cabin with her husband and their friends, WATE reports.

According to the news outlet, Eberhart and her friend were inside the cabin Friday morning while their husbands were out golfing.

That's when an unexpected visitor paid the two a visit.

“She just started pointing and I was like, ‘What?’ and so I turned and looked and there’s a bear just putting his full force on the door. And then the door opens,” Eberhart said.

The black bear was able to break through the door, which was locked, and get inside the cabin, according to WATE.

The two women ran to the upstairs for safety, WBIR reports.

In addition to the bear inside the cabin, three other bears were on the porch of the cabin.

“It was just almost surreal, it was just a fight-or-flight, like I just have to remove us from this situation and make sure that we’re at least in a safe place,” Eberhart said.

Matt Cameron, a spokesperson for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency told WATE this is not normal bear behavior.

“It’s really not typical bear behavior for them to come on to someone’s porch and start looking for food," Cameron said. "That means those bears have been around humans and have received handouts or have found a food source around a dwelling."

"We didn't do anything to encourage them and we would never do anything to encourage them. We really respect the wildlife," Eberhart to WBIR. "Just really kind of shocked it all happened. We are extra cautious."

Police arrived and helped to get the one bear out of the cabin and the others from the porch, but not before they were able to grab a few sweet treats.

“They got five pounds of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and a pound of M&M’s and two pounds of Sour Patch Kids, and two bags of potato chips … two beers and two Diet Cokes and about 20 Zyrtecs,” Eberhart told WATE.