'It was answered prayers': Minivan helps 2 families in time of need

This minivan may not be much to look at to most people, but for two families, it’s a lifesaver.


A 15-year-old minivan may not be the most beautiful vehicle to look at, but for two families, it's a lifesaver.

Dustin and Allison Kupka received the van two years ago when it had almost 200,000 miles on it. Dustin had just lost his job and they just found out their son, Trevor, was deaf.

With no job and huge medical bills, the Kupkas felt like they were drowning.

"It was just a really difficult time," Dustin Kupka said.

The van helped shuttle them to doctor’s appointments for Trevor, and a new job for Dustin.

"In our moment of loneliness and an emotional low, we had people come in from all areas of our life and surround us with love," Allison Kupka said.

When it was for the Kupkas to buy a new van, they gave their old van to Laura, a single mother of two whose nonverbal son has autism and reminded the Kupkas of themselves.

"And I could look at another mom and say, ‘I know this is really hard, but it is going to be OK,'" Allison Kupka said.

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